About Us

Unifying Leadership, Unifying Experiences

About Us

The Brass Union Project is an organization dedicated to helping the world live in harmony with 21st century technology. We think that only works if you know how to nurture change in yourself and how people are motivated.

The Mission:

Help the world live with 21st century technology.

The Vision:

We’ll lead the way making life easier with digital technology.

The How:

We teach you about human behavior: self awareness and mindfulness. We’ll also help you get ready to meet your goals so you can take this knowledge into the world with you.

The Why:

We see this work as preventing future challenges by giving knowledge. Preventative measures solve problems before they happen. Knowledge is power. You need power to solve societal challenges, especially if those challenges are powerful. If you know when someone is influencing you then you can identify how and why they’re influencing you. The same is true for when technology does it to you too. As the saying goes “If you know, you know,” and we need you to know. If you know how you and other people get influenced you can stand up for others, your ideals, and your community. You can become an advocate.

Our Values:

Unity, Leadership, Community, Education, Agency, Compassion, Technology

Kyle Eric
Ty Hernandez
The Brass Union Project was born and raised by Waterbury minds in Waterbury. We're focused on making our home and yours a better place.
We're not a big business. We're just people with a common cause. We're here to empower you. We're here to serve you.
We focus on teaching people how they're influenced by people and technology because that's how businesses get money out of your wallet.
We need you to help make the world a better place. It takes a village. That won't happen if we can't get personal with you, and, if we hold back.
We're in a hybrid digital-physical world. You should know how it all works so you can be successful in it.

Our Philosophy

Here's how we see things:

There's a whole lot of things we're all just expected to know. A bunch of those things we aren't taught. We're each expected to just figure them out over time. This reinforces systematic marginalization.

If you don't know them, we think you shouldn't be at fault. You should be given an opportunity to learn. That's called compassion.

People get influenced into doing things they wouldn't do otherwise every day. It's not their fault.



Kyle (HE/HIM) is a Waterbury Native, Cape Verdean American, and an outspoken abledness activist. Kyle graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and is an active entrepreneur in the communications space. He specializes in developing content that sparks curiosity, and, learning what matters most to people. He advocates for equity and equality initiatives especially the fair treatment of people with disabilities, revitalizing the economy and liveliness of Waterbury, and the accessibility of safety & happiness.

Kyle dove into communications full force once he realized he could use his platform as a launchpad and space for systematically marginalized communities and rising artists. His goal was to find a space of his own to shine in and it has since evolved into the goal of sharing his space with others so they have the opportunity to shine themselves. Kyle believes that his work is meant to showcase others.

Kyle connects with artists, entrepreneurs, other people in the community with their noses to the grinder, people from other places, and people he disagrees with because he knows the value of different perspectives. Kyle believes understanding each other is necessary to advance fairness (equity and equality). He finds common ground.

Kyle focuses on fostering compassion and engaging in the hard conversations. He’s dedicated to promoting from within in the community.

1) Dismantle hostility, hate, and fear (bigotry & extremism).
2) Promote civility to bring back respectful opposition.
3) Bring actionable awareness to bigotry especially ableism.
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Years engaged with the Waterbury Community:

Volunteering With Youth, Helping Community Events, Small Business Activities, Charity Events
0 +
Years engaged with the Waterbury and Tri-State Area communities in Communications:

Video Editing, Audio Engineering, Camera Work, Interviewing, Hosting
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Hours spent in the field and on the mic directly talking with people about the stuff that matters most to them and their communities
50000 +
Power Level


Ty (HE/HIM) is a Waterbury native and a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a B.S. in Labor Relations & Human Resources Management. Ty is an author, educator, dog-hair collector, Irish & Puerto Rican American, LGBTQ+, a recovering addict, and a survivor.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Ty spent his time reflecting and studying. He reflected on his identity, traumas, purpose, faith, and 21st century America. Then he started researching.

Ty “took class” and studied hopeful and professional comedians to learn the nature of laughter. He studied history, modern leaders, and movements to learn about charisma, what motivates people, and how people end up doing things that aren’t good for them and the community.

During this process he found his faith, set out to make healthy life changes, and dedicated himself to serving others. He hopes to evolve the culture of work. Business has room for compassion.

1) Empower your Agency (Free Will).
2) Demystify laughter, self awareness, and mindfulness.
3) Help people know when and why they are influenced.
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Years Educating Online & Offline Communities:

STEAM, Public Health, Work Readiness, Inclusion, Social Equity
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Years Supporting Underrepresented Communities:

Working Poor, Inner City Youth, Returning Citizens, LGBTQ+, Undocumented Students
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Years Of Projects Management Experience:

Program Design, Course Design, Recruitment, Grant Writing, Tech Adaptation
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Years of Dog Dad